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Learn how Labor Systems has become one of the best temp agencies

At Labor Systems, we strive to be the best staffing agency. So when you choose us as your full-service staffing firm, you’ll work with a team that always aims to solve labor issues at hand with consistent flexibility and trust. With 25+ years in the business, we’ve proven ourselves to be one of the best staffing firms. We understand that labor demands can change by the day. As such, we have organized ourselves so that we can respond quickly and efficiently to any challenge while at the same time aiming to save you time and money.

How working with a premier staffing agency can benefit you

Many of our client companies know they can rely on us to deliver the best solution for their needs without wasting effort or time. Finding the right temp employees should not be difficult, which is why our client companies consider us as the best temp agency to work with. When you work with us, you can count on us to:

Save You Time– It only takes a single phone call to one of our experienced team members to get the help you need. We offer instant credit, no contracts and flexible temp-to-hire.

Deliver Prepared Employees– We pride ourselves in matching the right person to the right job. Our ability to find the right employee is one of the reasons why we are considered to be one of the best temp agencies today. Our process includes preparing temporary employees by making sure that they have the tools to perform for you; they are provided with basic safety training and certain equipment so that they are effective from their first day on the job. No matter what skill level your job requires, our temporary workers come ready to work!

Save You Money– Our services save our customers money. Use Labor Systems to reduce:

  • Paying to place and maintain job listings
  • Paying internal employees to interview and screen candidates
  • Payroll expenses such as unemployment taxes, FICA, state and federal taxes and the cost of paying a payroll company to facilitate compensation
  • Incurring additional insurance expenses. We provide our staff with workers’ compensation and have taken the time to organize a group of medical care providers should an on-the-job injury occur.
  • Paying staff or accounting firms to fill out and file paperwork. We gladly take care of all payroll-related back office needs while you focus on the job.

Provide Short-term or Long-term Solutions– Another reason why Labor Systems is seen as one of the best staffing agencies is that we have the ability to be flexible. Our thorough interview process and training help ensure that you will receive qualified, ready employees. We screen our workers and continually monitor our employees by seeking feedback so that we only place workers who will satisfy our customers’ needs.

As always, our satisfaction guarantee ensures that we will quickly replace any temporary employees who do not work out during the trial period. Contact us to learn more about our satisfaction guarantee.

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