One of the most important factors surrounding quality employees is the culture at their workplace. At Labor Systems we have put thought and effort into building a company culture that facilitates the best outcomes for us, our employees and, most of all our customers.

Inspired by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowle’s insightful book Gung Ho!, we have adopted some practices here at Labor Systems. We use these principals to educate and inspire our staff employees to take pride and ownership in the work they do. Fostering a positive culture for our administrative staff allows us to provide our customers with the best staffing options. Our motivated and focused staff works diligently to: evaluate and match temporary workers, stay on top of details and provide the utmost customer service to our employers.

Some of those key items that help shape our culture include:

The Spirit of the Squirrel

The spirit of the squirrel represents educating employees on the value and importance of their work. All of our staff members play a role in the success of our company and we want them to understand how truly important they are. Every task that they perform, whether it is correctly filing insurance paperwork for our temps or calling on customers to make sure that everyone is happy directly influences the quality of our company. In the spirit of thinking like a squirrel, we believe that every individual nut adds up to having food for the winter.

The Way of the Beaver

The beaver represents autonomy. Regardless of their position in a work environment, employees must know that they have control over their job functions while working towards the greater goal. We communicate our goals to our staff and make sure that they understand the goals of our customers as well. Once everyone has an understanding of what is expected, we allow our staff a degree of freedom. When staff members have a degree of control over their work, which isn’t offered by many other employers, they produce better results. Freedom encourages thinking outside of the box and finding new ways to solve problems as they are not encumbered with tedium or too much protocol. Our customers see the results of this process in being matched with great temporary workers and customer service that is both accommodating and timely.

The Gift of the Goose

The goose represents a commitment to congratulating superior work. Just as geese always seem to be verbally “cheering each other on” as they fly in formation, we are constantly celebrating the successes of our staff. Whether it be with straightforward praise and congratulations or with advancing them within our organization, we let employees know that we recognize the great things that they do every day.

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