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3 Benefits of Our Temporary Labor Services

Posted on: November 21, 2019 Labor Systems November 21, 2019

Ever since the first staffing agency opened in 1946, temporary labor services have helped businesses keep their operations running smoothly. As a business owner, you know there are times when you could use some extra help. From winning an unexpected big project to experiencing turnover, you know that temporary labor agencies can provide value.

But what you’re not sure about is how one staffing agency is different from another. You like the flexibility working with a staffing agency gives your business, but you want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes. After all, it’s only natural to want more details about a company you would be doing business with.

At Labor Systems, we’re committed to helping your organization with expert and professional temporary labor services. Here are three key benefits about our temporary labor services that you should know as a business owner.

1. Our Temporary Employees are Professionally Screened and Selected

All it takes is one wrong fit on your team to throw off an entire project. It’s common for businesses working with temporary labor agencies to worry about the quality of employees they’ll get. At Labor Systems, all our temporary employees go through our thorough screening process.

During this process, our team checks potential employee backgrounds and professional skills. We strive to make sure that each temporary employee that arrives at your door is prepared for the job at hand. Our team even provides temporary employees with basic safety training and any required equipment for the job.

Matching Temp Employees with Businesses

Part of our screening and selection process includes matching your business with temp employees who are a good fit. Finding the right temp should not be difficult. We work to remove that stress from our your plate.

Unlike other temporary labor agencies, our team takes the time to get to know your business needs. That way, we can match your goals to the skills and abilities of our pool of qualified candidates. Our process has been designed in a way that can accommodate even the most urgent of business needs.

2. We Provide Temporary Labor Services for a Variety of Industries

The days of temporary labor agencies only offering candidates for office jobs is over. Labor Systems is proud to provide temporary labor services for a variety of industries. We can fill roles for industries such as:

  • Light Industrial Work
  • Construction
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Logistics

At Labor Systems, we have 25 years of experience helping businesses in these industries succeed. But how can you trust that the temporary employees you’re getting are the right fit for the job? The answer lies with our training process. We know that the knowledge and nuances between these industries matter.

Our temp worker hiring process includes training standards specific to the industry the employee has interest in. For example, our construction temp employees are taught the basic safety knowledge of the job site. They’ll have a foundation of expertise that your business can use to accomplish its goals.

3. We Offer Planned Temp Employee Services

We know that your needs can change at the drop of a hat. But what happens when you know about an upcoming project or expect some of your current employees to take time off? That’s where our planned temporary labor services come in.

During this transition period, it’s important to have the right employees for the job. Our planned temporary labor services can help you with:

Temporary Employees: If your business has a consistent spike in demand, we can help your business. We can offer flexible short-term contacts to meet your immediate needs.

Temporary to Hire: It’s normal to want to test out new employees before offering them a permanent position. Minimize your risk by letting us provide you with a qualified employee to test out before making any final hiring decisions.

Learn More About How Labor Systems Can Help Your Business

Finding the right temporary employees can be a drain on your business. So instead, let us do the heavy lifting and find temporary employees for you. Our candidates are vetted and interviewed before they’re sent for your consideration.

Contact us today and our team of recruiters will work with your business to find you the right set of temporary labor services.

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