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Staffing Solutions: How to Determine True Employee Characteristics from an Interview

Posted on: February 21, 2018 Labor Systems February 21, 2018

Whether you are the potential hire or the interviewer, interviews can be challenging from both seats. As an interviewer, it is very difficult to assess what type of employee an individual will be. For some people, interviewing comes naturally to them. They know exactly what you want to hear and what they have to say to land the position.

It can be extremely frustrating and potentially have a negative impact on the company if a new hire ends up not being what they talked themselves up to be. This is a tough position for a company to be in because you have to choose between finding another replacement or dealing with a person who may not be as great as their first impression.

So how do you overcome the challenge of determining the true individual? Labor Systems can help!

4 Tips to Prevent Misleading Interviews

  • Be as clear and concise as possible with the job description. If your job description is misleading it could result in a lot of wasted time.
  • Investigate the resume. Before contacting the potential candidate for an interview, analyze work history and any claims made on their resume. Job titles and duties can also be misleading.
  • Google the person. Google is a magical tool for any human resources department. Want to know what a person is really like? Chances are, you can get a better idea from their social media profiles.
  • Consider partnering with a professional staffing agency. Haven’t had the best of luck with hiring? Consider hiring Labor Systems. Our expertise and experience can help you with finding the perfect fit.

Labor Systems as Your Professional Staffing Solutions

Trying to find top talent on your own requires a considerable investment of both time and money. A temporary staffing agency’s reputation is based on the type of employees that they send to your company after a staffing request. We find the right people for temporary, temp-to-hire or permanent placement positions. To ensure your company finds the best candidate, fill out a staffing request or visit a Labor Systems location closest to you!

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