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5 Top Signs Your Business Should Use a Staffing Agency

Posted on: March 8, 2019 Labor Systems March 11, 2019

As a business, it’s natural to look for ways to make your processes more efficient. It’s not uncommon for an organization to outsource marketing, advertising, accounting and any other department you can think of. However, one that often gets left off the list is recruiting and hiring. It can be challenging for business owners or decision makers to let go of handling hiring in-house.

Recruitment and hiring arguably has one of the biggest impacts on an organization. Without the right employees, any business will be at a natural disadvantage. Employment staffing agencies can help your business with one of its most important resources.

When is it the right time for hiring a staffing agency? Employment staffing agencies aren’t a perfect fit for every business, but there are some signs to look out for. Learn the top five signs that it’s time for your business to partner with a staffing agency.

1: High Turnover Rate

Does your business experience high turnover? High turnover suggests that the right employees aren’t being invited into your business. Turnover can cripple businesses, drawing focus from other areas of your business to human resources and recruiting. This can lead to a decrease in profit and productivity.

Employment staffing agencies provide your business with a team of recruiting experts who can sort out employees who are less likely to stay with your business for the long term. This will lower your turnover rate and save you from major headaches in the future.

Hiring a staffing agency can even allow you to have temps to hire positions. By vetting temporary employees before they are permanently hired on, you’ll ensure that your business hires the best employee.

2: Impacting Core Responsibilities

Whether your business has a human resources department or recruiting is a responsibility of a single team member, it’s best practice to make sure it isn’t detracting from their core responsibilities. If hiring has consumed the workday and it’s becoming difficult to get other tasks done, you might want to start looking at employment staffing agencies. While hiring is important, don’t let it become a time sink to the point where it’s stopping other business needs from being met.

Posting job ads, roaming LinkedIn or reading through resumes can detract team members from the core responsibilities that drive revenue from your business. Hiring a staffing agency can lift that burden so any time spent recruiting with be with top tier candidates.

3: Short Staffed

We’ve all been there, working 60-hour weeks to cover for the fact that the business simply doesn’t have enough employees to accomplish key tasks. It’s no surprise that any organization is in for hard times when running a skeleton crew becomes the norm. It’s difficult to meet your customers’ needs, leaving your business no time to focus on hiring. Why do companies hire through staffing agencies? Part of the answer is to have enough team members to make your business productive.

Hiring a staffing agency takes some of the pressure off of the skeleton crew by taking the time to find the right people to fill the ranks. One great thing about employment staffing agencies is that your business has the freedom to send temporary employees back to the agency once things stabilize.

4: Difficulty Finding the Right Skills

Plenty of businesses operate in industries were finding an employee with the right set of skills can be difficult. In certain specialized industries, the hiring process is stretched out. If you are having trouble finding candidates with the unique skills your business needs, it might be time to look for employment staffing agencies. Agencies know how to recruit qualified candidates and often have connections with a wide variety of specialized industries.

If you haven’t decided on whether or not to hire a staffing agency, consider that the services they provide go beyond finding specialized employees. Employment staffing agencies can also help fill the gap with a temp employee until your team finds that perfect candidate.

5: You Have an Urgent Need for New Staff

Did your business experience sudden growth or maybe just needs seasonal staff to accommodate spikes in demand? Hiring a staffing agency might be the solution you need to get past these obstacles. Sometimes businesses don’t have a system in place to hire new talent quickly. Instead of sacrificing your newfound success, employment staffing agencies can send over pre-screened candidates to help you hire more quickly.

Unexpected growth is a normal process for businesses to go through. One of the keys to fully capitalize on the success is to have enough employees to keep growth going. Hiring a staffing agency allows your team to focus on driving revenue instead of recruiting during this crucial
point in time for your business.

Let Us Help You with All Your Temporary Staffing Needs

It’s clear that finding candidates is getting harder and harder each year. Luckily, a temporary staffing agency can help ease this challenge and do the heavy lifting for you in finding qualified candidates. If your business has run into any of the scenarios above, it might be time for you to consider hiring a staffing agency. We have over two decades of experience and can be that staffing partner you’re missing. Give us a call to see if we’re the right solution for you or fill out our form for more information.

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