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Recruitment Tips to Obtain the Employees You Want

Posted on: February 21, 2018 Labor Systems December 19, 2018

Recruitment Strategies

Recruiting for both temporary agency talent as well as permanent employees is an on-going process. It is not a favorite thing to do and it can take quite a lot of effort to do properly. Recruiting the right employee is key to helping a business meet its everyday and long-term goals. Today, competing for the right talent for your company is tougher than ever. Recruitment strategies could vary per industry, but overall companies want to find the right employee that will do the job properly and fit into the culture of the business.

How to Recruit Employees

Today’s job candidate has many more opportunities to engage with a potential employer than ever before via the company’s website, social media, job aggregator websites and employee recommendations. This makes the recruiting process more difficult as the candidate expects more from a company. Temporary service agencies and human resource departments need to be creative in how they recruit employees for their business. It all comes down to hiring the right person that fits the business’ needs.

  • It is important that the job candidate has the right attitude and work ethic for the position that you need to fill. An engaged and excited employee is just as important as hiring someone with the perfect school or work experience, industry successes and industry skills.
  • Be consistent during the hiring process. Ask the same questions of each candidate including industry specific questions.
  • Use application and resume keyword filters sparingly. While these are great tools to narrow down your search for employees, they also can be too limiting and great candidates can be passed over for not using a certain keyword.
  • To help with recruiting, some companies are putting an employee recommendation process in place. This will allow current employees to help recruit for the human resources department. Employee referrals are a great tactic to find more employees like your current top performers.
  • Make sure that you contact applicants after they interview by phone, email, or mail. This is a good way to build goodwill for your business, even if the candidate didn’t get the job.
  • A company should have a robust website that is easy to navigate and has a simple online application process. Today, the use of mobile smartphones is mainstream, so it is vital that it is easy for candidates to fill out applications via their mobile devices as well.

Temporary Agencies

Trying to find great staff on your own requires a considerable investment of both time and money. Using a temporary staff agency is a great way to mitigate this investment and improve the outcome. A temporary staffing agency’s reputation is based on the type of employees that they send to your company after a staffing request. Labor System has the experience and the ability to find the right employees for clients in a variety of industries from hospitality to construction. We find the right people for temporary, temp-to-hire or permanent placement positions.

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