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5 Ways to Not Impress a Recruiter: Don’t Make These Mistakes During an Interview

Posted on: August 1, 2019 Labor Systems October 18, 2019

Here’s a situation we’ve all been through. You have a big job interview coming up and you’re thinking about how to impress a recruiter. Whether you’re interviewing at a staffing agency to expand your job options or at your dream company, you have to leave a good impression.

As the date of the interview draws closer, you start to feel the pressure build. And it’s only natural for you to wonder about what you’re going to say. Unfortunately, many job seekers fall victim to common mistakes that leave a bad impression on the recruiter. In this article, we’ll highlight 5 different mistakes to avoid when speaking with a recruiter.

1. Treating Your Recruiter Like a Friend

When people are thinking about how to talk to recruiters, they often make a crucial mistake: They talk to their recruiter like a friend during their interview. That means using slang, coming across too informal and even expecting special treatment. This is a great way to leave your recruiter unimpressed. You might think acting this way is a nice change of pace and will make you stand out. And it will, but for the wrong reasons.
Recruiters are expecting interview candidates to act professional. So, doing the opposite is not going to land you a second interview.

2. Not Researching the Company or the Position

Look, we know how hectic a job search can be. But far too often, recruiters interview candidates who don’t do their research. In fact, one of most asked questions by recruiters is, “What do you know about our company?” Not knowing the answer, or worse, giving the wrong answer, can land you in deep water quick. Knowing the basics about the company your interviewing with will show the recruiter that you’re serious about the position they’re seeking to fill.

3. Bad-Mouthing Your Last Employer

Whether you’re sitting down for an interview or following up with an email about your past experience, don’t talk bad about your last job. Some people think that the answer to how to impress a recruiter comes from pointing up what your last company did wrong. We know that when you’re asked about your last job, it’s easy to start complaining. But you have to fight that impulse. Being positive and showing gratitude about your experiences with your past employers says a lot about your character and what type of employee you would be if they hired you.

4. Acting Uninterested or Not Enthusiastic

What recruiters look for is enthusiasm. There are few things worse for a recruiter than talking to a candidate who seems uninterested in the position. For example, it’s common for people to tell recruiters that they’re only there for a job and a paycheck. That’s not how to talk to recruiters. The recruiter invested their time in lining up this opportunity for you. So, it’s good practice to show excitement. If you find yourself having a hard time doing that, maybe it’s time to think about a different position.

5. Saying the First Thing That Comes to Mind

From being on a job interview to following up with the recruiter over the phone or email, don’t say whatever comes to mind. If you’re wondering how to talk to recruiters, the answer is to be concise. Whenever you are asked a question, take a brief pause and think about your answer. If you say the first thing that comes to mind, you’re more likely to give an incomplete answer.

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