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How to Use LinkedIn Ads to Recruit Top Talent

Posted on: March 20, 2019 Labor Systems April 9, 2019

The days of when job candidates would find you in the classifieds or show up to your business in person are over. With the rise of social media, LinkedIn has become the king for not only networking, but recruiting top talent. Honestly, people don’t talk enough about how LinkedIn is a highly useful inbound marketing platform.

Using LinkedIn recruitment ads might seem like it can be intimidating, but you have more power at your fingertips than you may realize. With the ad options available, you’ll be attracting the right employees on LinkedIn faster than ever before. In the post below, you’ll learn how to attract talent on LinkedIn for your business using the power of ads.

Time to Segment

Before you push any LinkedIn recruitment ads live, you’re going to have to determine the parameters of your audience. An important note to start off with is the more specific and relevant your target audience, the better your ads will perform. Sit down and think about what your ideal candidate looks like. Create some categories such as:

  • Is there a specific educational background you’re looking for?
  • What type of job experience would you prefer?
  • What interests should candidates have?

Once you dive into the audience filters available in LinkedIn recruitment ads, you’ll see just how customized you can get. Keep in mind that you will have to select at least one location before your ads go live. Attracting the right employees on LinkedIn is much easier once you’ve created your audience profile.

Ad Format

Now that your audience is created, you’re going to have to choose how you want your ads to appear. While there are several ad format types to choose from, paying attention to the Forecasted Results box on the right-hand side of the screen is critical. It takes all of your ad parameters into consideration. When you first start out, more than likely your decision on what ad type to use will come down to your budget.

Part of your ad format is the message you want to send. Make sure your message evokes a sense of urgency and has a clear way for candidates to take the next step. Once a potential candidate clicks on your ad, think where you want them to be routed to. Attracting the right employees on LinkedIn is about creating an engaging path through your communication.

Key Components Every Ad Should Have

If you want to attract talented candidates, there’s a few components that every LinkedIn Ad needs to have.

  • Images: Ads with images are more engaging, and it provides a great opportunity for potential candidates to be introduced to your business.
  • Headline: The main thing people viewing your heads will see. Try and make it unique to your industry or the value your company provides.
  • Ad Description: As the body of the ad, it’s important to make this relevant to the potential candidates you’re targeting. For example, a quick snapshot listing the benefits of working for your business can grab attention.
  • URL: How to attract talent on LinkedIn? Give them a place to go from your ad. Use a link that is a logical next step for candidates and be sure to double check it.
  • Call to Action: Think of this final push for your ad. Create excitement and urgency. For example, “Find a Rewarding Career Today” fits the structure you should aim for.

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