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Construction Staffing Agencies

Posted on: February 21, 2018 Labor Systems December 19, 2018

Companies or businesses use staffing agencies for a variety of reasons from needing extra workers for busy times, to filling in staffing gaps due to vacations or leaves, to helping with large special projects. Each company will have different hiring needs based on their workloads and projects. The construction industry is heavily dependent on skilled and unskilled workers to supplement the permanent workforce. Construction companies use construction staffing companies when they run behind schedule on a project or if they lose valuable workers. The temporary staffing agency can offer construction staffing solutions to help the company complete their projects on time and on budget.

Construction Staffing Companies

Construction staffing companies handle the many aspects of the hiring process so a company can focus on the important aspects of their job, such as finishing their projects on time. Construction staffing agencies will be in charge of recruiting and hiring temporary employees, processing the hiring paperwork, training and managing the tradespeople. Construction staffing companies understand the ups and downs of the construction industry and the daily demands that it can bring. They understand that employment needs will vary based on the type of construction project. Agencies can train their staff based on the construction type such as commercial, industrial, institutional or residential projects. Temporary construction workers who are qualified and trained can make it easier for a company to continue with their day-to-day productivity without having to worry about doing additional training.

Construction Staffing Solutions

Construction staffing agencies can provide skilled tradesman with a wide variety of disciplines to meet all the needs of the construction industry. There are many benefits of using a construction staffing agency for hiring temp, temp-to-hire or permanent staff. Employment agencies are up-to-date on employment trends, law changes and recruitment best practices that a construction company’s Human Resources department might not be aware of. Temporary employees give a business the chance to “try out” an employee before making a permanent offer of employment. A business can see how the employee will fit into the corporate culture, complete their assigned tasks and how well they work with other employees. Construction staffing companies will cut the cost of a company’s overhead by providing benefits, workers compensation insurance, payroll taxes and unemployment claims. Businesses can also reduce the costs and time of recruitment, screening and hiring new employees by using a construction staffing agency.

Having the right temporary employee is very important for a business to success. A construction staffing agency’s purpose is to match the right candidate to the job position. Labor Systems is a leader in staffing services with over 30 years of experience in the temporary staffing industry. We are focused on matching the right temporary employee for the right jobs so that a business’s productivity will not be affected by staffing shortages. Labor Systems can help provide staffing for the construction industry for on demand labor assistance, temp-to-hire positions and permanent placements.

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