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Finding temporary workers should be quick and straightforward, which is why Labor Systems Job Center is devoted to providing simple staffing solutions to local businesses in the Renton and Seattle areas. Located at 601 S 3rd St in Renton, Washington, our employment agency provides temporary staffing for a number of industries, such as construction, industrial manufacturing, professional services, skilled trades, hospitality, and more. Our temps are skilled and qualified workers who arrive on the job site with the proper experience and equipment to complete the job at hand. We make sure they are trained and abide by proper safety guidelines to promote a safe working environment.

Our temp agency takes pride in the customer service we provide our client companies. We are dedicated to finding hardworking employees and placing them at jobs where they will thrive based on their unique skillset. Whether you’re an under-staffed business or a worker looking for local employment, Labor Systems is the right place for you.

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Labor Systems staffing agency offers a number of temporary labor services that are customizable to fit your needs. In emergency situations where your business is in need of extra staff, our 24/7 accessibility allows you to find temporary placements last minute and fill open positions promptly. If you need to reserve a temp for a future absence, our advance planning services is the perfect solution to stay prepared and ease the shift from one staff member to another. No matter the situation, Labor Systems will make sure your business is never understaffed.

Our temp agency can help your business find the right employee no matter the duration needed. We can provide temporary staff for short-term or long-term employment. In addition, we can also assist with direct hires if your HR department is overwhelmed with other responsibilities. Our team can manage job postings, screenings, as well as the interview process.

We are confident that your business will love the excellent temporary staffing services and the temps our agency provides. However, if you are dissatisfied with the work performance of our placement we will send a replacement employee as soon as possible.

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To find a qualified worker to fill a position, visit our staffing agency at 601 S 3rd St. You can also submit a staffing request or give us a call today at (425) 970-3620.

If you are an individual seeking temporary employment in Washington, Labor Systems can connect you with meaningful work. Consider submitting your application through our job center and search through our directory for available temporary jobs.

Driving Directions

Nearby Landmarks
Near Renton Civic Theatre.

Driving From The North
(From Renton Memorial Stadium) – Head south on Logan Ave N and continue onto Airport Way. Turn left onto Logan Ave S then turn right onto S 2nd St. Turn left onto Morris Ave S and then turn left onto S 3rd St. Labor Systems will be on your right.

Driving From The East
(From Jimi Hendrix Memorial) – Head west on NE 4th St and continue onto NE 3rd St. Turn left onto Sunset Blvd N then turn right onto Bronson Way N. Continue straight onto Main Ave S. Turn right onto S 4th St then turn right onto Smithers Ave S. Turn right onto S 3rd St. Labor Systems will be on your right.

Driving From The South
(From Valley Medical Center) – Head north on Talbot Rd S and continue straight onto S 21st St. Turn left onto Benson Dr S and continue onto Talbot Rd S. Turn right onto S Grady Way. Turn left onto Wells Ave S and then turn left onto S 4th St. Turn right onto Smithers Ave S and then turn right onto S 3rd St. Labor Systems will be on your right.

Driving From The West
(From Black River Riparian Forest and Wetland) – Head east on SW 7th St and turn left onto Rainer Ave S. Turn right onto S 4th Pl then turn left onto Shattuck Ave S. Turn right onto S 3rd St. Labor Systems will be on your right.

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