Staffing Services for a Number of Industries

We provide temporary staffing services for different businesses

Labor Systems provides viable solutions to staffing needs for many different types of employers. Our hiring managers have put in the time to identify quality candidates and prepare them to be placed within your work force. Take advantage of a labor pool that is ready to work for you in a variety of roles.

Learn how we address your staffing needs for hospitality, personnel, and temporary staffing.

Hospitality Staffing

Whether you are staffing a hotel, restaurant or special event we have workers who are ready to help make things run smoothly for you. Our staffing services can provide you with front line staff that can directly interact with your customers, leading to great customer service, or we can send over support staff that will get things done behind the scenes. Labor Systems allows you to fill the majority of your open positions with a single phone call. Use our workers to your advantage for staffing needs such as:

  • Cleaning services: We can send over staff for general cleaning or workers who will specifically fill your open positions for maids or janitors.
  • Landscaping: Our staff can make sure that your property looks great from the moment your customers arrive
  • Food Service: We can fill front and back of the house positions for restaurants or special events. Our temps can prep and cook food and then keep your guests smiling as they serve and clean up.
  • Parking Services: We can provide full service valets, parking lot attendants or both. Keep your events organized and give your customers a little extra service with temporary workers.
  • General Help: Temporary workers can be the glue that holds you business or special event together. They can greet and direct customers and make sure that your guests are being attended to. Use temporary workers to fill general service industry positions like front desk clerks, bell hops or information desk employees.

Personnel Staffing

Every business needs some form of administrative staff. Through our staffing services, we can send professional workers who are immediately ready to join an office environment or to provide personnel services to managers who operate their businesses outside of a traditional office setting. Many of our workers have provided staffing solutions for multiple industries and are prepared to be flexible and get the job done. Whether you need help with internal operations like sorting and delivering mail and messages, or external support in your call center, we have the employees that you need. Our temps are computer literate and know how to interact in a professional environment. Let us share your job opportunities such as:

  • Detail Positions: Such as basic book keeping or administrative assistants: Our workers are organized and dependable; let them take some of the detail work off of your to-do list.
  • Front Line Positions: Our temps can represent you to your customers. Whether you need employees to answer phones and provide information, take orders or to be there to greet and serve customers in person, we can send the right people.
  • Support Positions: Professional environments need employees to expedite internal communications and make sure that daily necessities are taken care of. Whether it is organizing incoming and outgoing mail or running errands, temporary staff can get it all done.

Temporary Staffing

We can provide temporary staffing services for construction companies, manufacturers and logistics firms who need workers for long or short periods of time. Manufacturing operations and warehouses sometimes need to fill large orders and once a building is up or renovated, construction jobs come to an end. In either case temporary staff can help get the job done. Once you have your key employees in place let us bridge the rest of the gaps in your staff with laborers who are ready to work. Remember our “try before you buy” guarantee will ensure that you have the right crew members. We can help general contractors, factory managers and even warehouse supervisors meet temporary staffing needs.

  • Support Staff: Whether you need supplies or inventory unloaded or collected for distribution we have workers available. We can send back up staff to your manufacturing operation or construction site.
  • Construction Help: Once you have your management in place, call us for your unskilled positions. Our temporary workers can help you get everything done from basic plumbing and welding to cleaning up the job site.
  • Industry Experience: Many of our temporary workers have on-the-job experience. We can send workers who know how to use tools and operate equipment. Our safety training leads to competent workers and less accidents. There is no need to spend extra time training new crew members when you use Labor Systems.

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