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Business Insurance in Arizona

Business Insurance in

many hours have you put into your business? All that hard work needs the
protection of a bulletproof insurance policy. Business insurance will keep your
company safe from accidents or potentially bank-breaking lawsuits. Depending on
what kind of business you run, Arizona might require certain types of insurance
for your employees. Look into what you need, legally and practically, to keep
your business running for many years to come.


Liability Insurance

are three main types of business liability insurance. General liability covers
medical bills or legal fees resulting from injuries, accidents, libel, or
negligence. Product or professional liability insurance will protect your
business from lawsuits dealing with a product or service offered by your
company. Many business owners choose umbrella liability insurance, which is a
comprehensive insurance plan that ensures your business isn’t left vulnerable
by holes in your policy.


Property Insurance

you run your business from a store or office building, you will need business
insurance that covers your property. This coverage will not only financially
assist you after natural disasters, fires, or vandalism, but it can help make
up for losses during business interruptions caused by property damage.


Homeowner’s Insurance

the common myth, homeowner’s insurance will not automatically protect you from
business-related damages and losses at home. If you run your business from your
house, even partially, you will want to add a rider to your homeowner’s
insurance that will cover business losses in case of an emergency.


Health Insurance

you hire full-time employees for your business, you will need to offer them
health insurance. Arizona laws dictate what kind of coverage will need to be
provided. Requirements include coverage for mammograms, newborn babies and
handicapped children. Health insurance cannot exclude employees based on
pre-existing conditions, and no limitations can be placed on maternity


Workers’ Compensation

compensation not only provides employees with lost wages and medical coverage
after an injury on the job site, it also protects your business from lawsuits
after an accident. Depending on the work environment, workers’ compensation could
be vital to the survival of your business. Construction businesses are required
by Arizona law to have workers’ compensation insurance.


for your business is necessary, but the premiums can start to add up. Hiring
temps who don’t need additional insurance coverage could help you cut back on
expenses. For more information on our pre-trained and highly-qualified
temporary workers, visit usonline or call 877-836-7527.

Gila Bend

Gila Bend
624 W. Pima Suite C (928) 683-0408
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Tucson Branch Locations

Tucson (South)
3860 S. Palo Verde #320 (520) 741-2000

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Tucson (Central)
803 S. 6th Ave. (520) 622-6789

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Tucson (North)
316 E. Grant Rd. (520) 622-6677

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East Valley Branch Locations

Apache Junction

2288 S. Idaho #1 (480) 644-9009

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Casa Grande

320 W. 9th St. A (520) 316-0061

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303 S. Arizona Avenue (480) 821-0974

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Tempe (Central)

15 W. Baseline Rd. (480) 345-2429 (480) 833-0464 (480) 675-9911

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Phoenix Area Branch Locations

Phoenix (West Valley)
6601 W Indian School Rd. # 36 (623) 866-1033

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Phoenix (Central)
1621 E. Washington St. (602) 255-0073

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Phoenix (Southeast Valley)
4636 E. McDowell Rd. (602) 275-1356

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Phoenix (Deer Valley)
2310 W. Bell Rd. (602) 298-6884

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7707 S. Highway 85 (623) 872-7707

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1629 N. Granit Reef Rd. (480) 429-8080

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9550 W. Van Buren St. #20 (623) 936-5500

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Northern Arizona Branch Locations

1250B South Plaza Way (928) 773-1234

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701 Miller Valley Rd. (928) 541-0010

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Show Low
308 F N. White Mountain Rd. (928) 537-5627

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Western Arizona Branch Locations

Bullhead City
1146 Highway 95 (928) 754-1234

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602 Hall St. (928) 753-1088 (928) 753-4774

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Lake Havasu City
344 London Bridge Rd. (928) 453-2345

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1840 S. 4th Ave. #19 (928) 329-7381

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