A Variety of Staffing Options

At Labor Systems, we understand that all of our client companies have unique staffing needs and require unique staffing solutions to accommodate them. We are proud to be the premier provider of temporary employment for general labor (both skilled and unskilled), construction, industrial, warehouse, manufacturing, hospitality and special events. Within these industries, Labor Systems offers consistently flexible services and will provide any combination of services below that best satisfy your situation.

On Demand Temporary Labor

We have many customers who have temporary service needs and may only need extra staff for a limited time period. At Labor Systems, our flexibility means we can fill short-term needs at a moment’s notice.

Temporary Service Advantages include:

  • Covering employee absence
  • Filling large orders or staffing an extra event
  • Helping you control overtime costs and payroll expenses
  • Allowing management to evaluate the need for additional staff
  • Reducing the workload to your human resources department
  • Extra Staff during peak or seasonal times


Our Temp-To-Hire solution allows a company to immediately fulfill its staffing needs on demand, while giving the additional benefit and flexibility of trying out a new staff member. Because of our role as a temp-to-hire agency, there is no additional cost to you or to the temporary employee should you choose to hire any of our temporary workers once it has passed a predetermined number of hours.

Temp-to-Hire helps client companies:

  • Want to assess whether they need to create an additional position
  • Try out a worker on an extended basis before bringing them on
  • Retain flexibility in their staffing options and without being held to a decision up front
  • Save on payroll, hiring and other employee-related expenses

Direct Placement

When you are looking for a permanent staffing solution, Labor Systems will gladly take care of the details involved in hiring a new employee. We understand that some businesses may not have the resources or HR staff to post job listings, collect applications and interview potential candidates. All of those time-consuming and costly activities are a part of what we do here at Labor Systems every day. With our Direct Hire program, you let us worry about the details so you can worry about what really matters—running your business!

Direct placement can benefit client companies who:

  • Have limited human resource departments to do the company’s hiring
  • Do not wish to invest the time and money required by the hiring process
  • Want experienced staffing professionals to help make hiring decisions

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